Monday, November 3, 2008

Netflix HD Streaming

Netflix, Inc.Netflix HD streaming will be available late 2008 for the Roku, Xbox 360, TiVo, and both the LG and Samsung Blu-ray players. Unlimited streaming is included with the $9/month and up plans. An 8 Mbps broadband connection will be required for the top quality level. The video encoding will be MPEG-4 Advanced Profile with a 720p resolution. Since this is a different codec from what is used by the Xbox which means that different digital streams will need to be encoded and stored on the Netflix servers. No mention if Dolby 5.1 AC3 surround audio will be streamed,

The Roku engineers hinted that "a new major feature" will be included in the update but they did not specify what it might be. Speculation is that the Netflix Roku box will gain network audio streaming which is a common feature with Roku's other products.


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